Monday, December 2, 2013

Tauranga Culture!-The Tauranga Moana Song

I felt that if your reading a blog about a city, you should get to know some of the city's culture, right? Well that was when I got the brilliant idea to add a culture section entitled, "Tauranga Culture!" In our first part of this 'segment' we will look at the song every local Tauranga citizen(or every Tauranga Maori citizen) should know:

Tauranga Moana:
Tauranga Moana,
Mauao te Maunga,
Ngaiterangi e mihi nei e tau nei Rapua e ta e Puritia e hine,
a nga wawatanga,
a nga tipuna,
i roto i tenei ao hou Puritia kia mau,
kia mau Nga taonga mauri e

What Does it Mean?
The song talks about Tauranga, it's easily recognizable Mauao a.k.a Mt Maunganui, the local tribes and some other stuff that you don't need to know unless you want to. On the right hand side is Tauranga born singing sensation, Stan Walker singing Tauranga Moana!

See You Next Time!

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