Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stokes Beach-Choose it or Change it

The council is wanting to name an un-named part of coastline. The coastline, which streches from Matua to Bureta, is planned to be named after Dame Evelyn Stokes. Stokes, a Tauranga born geographer was educated in Tauranga Primary and the then Tauranga College before getting a Masters’ degree in Geography from the University of Canterbury in 1959. Stokes, who died in 2005, ages 68, spent 40 years as a Waikato University Geography staff member. Stokes helped recognize New Zealand’s deep historical geography, including Tauranga, and Maori land issues.
Here the heck is the beach! (Bad Joke)

Where The Heck Is The Beach?!
The beach is from Matua to Beruta, how interesting how the Council wants to name a bit of coastline when the debt is rising each and every day!

Want to Name The Beach?
If your interested just go to Here and fill out the form, clearly stating which side you are on. You better hurry because online submissions close at 5pm on Friday 14 february 2014. My choice? My choice would probably be to name the Beach Stokes Beach, mainly because I can't think of anything better! Just a thought, how about 'Equality Beach' or 'Beruta Bay'? You tell me.

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