Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Town of The Week-Maketu

This Week for Town of The Week we look at mighty Maketu! Why is it so special? Because it this the so called landing place of the Te Arawa canoe, one of the original canoes which came from Hawaiki to New Zealand in around 1340. Despite this Maketu is dropping considerably, dropping from about 1176 in 2006 to about 1047 in 2013.

About Maketu:

My opinion: Use the space you have!
When I look at the picture to the right of mine, I
always think why the heck would they claim that much land for 1050 people? If you have land why don't you just use it for damn farming! But back to what you want to know, Maketu's population has an unpredictable increase and decrease, just look at the table thing below:

Year Population Increase
1996       990          N/A
2001      1002     12 People
2006      1176     174 People
2013      1047    -129 People       

Now don't get me started on Businesses! As of 2006, there are only 29 actual 'businesses buildings' in Maketu. Terrible considering there are 1047 people in this town! Do I always have to be negative about this town? Hopefully the "What To Do" section will get me in a happier mood!

What To Do?

Maketu Pies-Yum! Yum! Yum!
I hope I don't find a hair in mine!
These pies are one of the last great things left in Maketu! But with a dropping population, they can barely sustain their business.  The end result is that they have spread throughout New Zealand. Honestly, if you ever decide to stop by a shrinking village near almost nothing, you should try it's pies. Boy I wish I was paid to advertise local products! 

Maketu Marae-Historic Wonderland!
It looks so beautiful!
If you want to get into a bit of Maketu's history, look no further than the Maketu Marae!(Well, because there isn't much after the marae!) The marae has a awesomely carved meeting house named Auaukiterangi after the famous Maori chief. There are two easily visible stones there, Hani and Puna, which mark the burial place of the Tainui Waka. The sad thing is that you need permission from a Maketu Marae Committee.(Money will be accepted greatly!) But in all seriousness, if you want to experience a bit of Maketu Maori culture, then the Maketu Marae is a definite must go.

See You Next Time!

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