Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tauranga Arts Festival a Success

After 10 days of non stop action, the Tauranga Arts Festival 2013 was a success! Exciting for Arts people but just disregarded by, um, other people. Unfortunately we couldn't give the any coverage, due to other more important posts.
The Tauranga Arts Festival is Tauranga's very own arts festival. The festival is held every 2 years, lasting 10 days with 40 events and shows. "There were 7000 people at the community day on Saturday and between our two venues of Baycourt and Crystal Palace, there were an extra 600 to 800 people through most nights." said Festival publicist and producer Claire Mabey. A new X Space venue at Baycourt Theatre also allowed more people through the doors, Miss Mabey said. Crystal Palace seated about 320 people, Baycourt about 500 and the X Space about 160.

The Tauranga Arts Festival received $25,000 from Tauranga City Council last year in annual support and $20,000 to help fund the popular Strand Exhibition community day.

In 2009, the festival ran at a loss despite high ticket sales. Mayor Stuart Crosby said such events had a high revenue risk, but that was why sponsorship and council support was essential. "A key issue for me between now and March is to sort out our whole events issue that we have in Tauranga and make sure the new council is more supportive, not necessarily throwing money at them, but support them across the board."

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