Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tauranga's Mini Gold Goast-Part 2

Papamoa is a rapidly expanding suburb of Tauranga. At this rate Papamoa is expected to surpass 40,000 people by 2051. But what if some tragedy strikes the town? Here is Part 2 of "Tauranga's Mini Gold Coast" series where we will see some possible situations that could occur:

Situation #4-Papamoa City
In this situation Papamoa decides to split up from Tauranga, as Papamoa can survive itself. However Tauranga decides to "take" events from Papamoa to show superiority. This leaves Papamoa in distress so they decide to merge. Chances of happening 30%

Situation #5-Tauranga Extends
In this situation Tauranga extends and keeps extending it's boundaries because of housing affordability. This ends when they are very close to Te Puke and the end of southern Bay of Plenty. By that time Tauranga's population increases leaving behind Papamoa as a small sized suburb. Papamoa's population dosen't increase heavily after that as it is hemmed in by Tauranga's new suburbs. Chance of happening 25%

Situation #6-TEL Becomes a Failure
This time, the Tauranga Eastern Link fails to live up to expectations. This stops Papamoa East, Papamoa's future suburb, from developing inti a massive "town". The Eastern Link will provide easier travel throughout the Bay of Plenty. If it fails to deliver, tgen the local council's debt will rise. An earlier example of this is Route K, which makes up the majoraty of TCC's debt. Chance of happening 50%

Situation #7-TEL Becomes a Success
Opposite of #6, with Papamoa expanding and growing into a...Mini Gold Coast! Will pass 40,000 by 2051 if Papamoa countinues to meet population projections. Papamoa will pursue it's dream of having a shopping centre to rival Bayfair in the early 2020's if this situation is to happen. Of course this can only happen if the Tauranga Eastern Link becomes popular and tolls are paid. Chance of Happening 50%

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have reached the end of an important discussion about Papamoa's development in the future. I personally believe situation #6 and #7 are the currently the two most likely situations to occur as Papamoa East heavily depends on the TEL to write it's future. Please comment what you think about this and what local topic I should cover next. It would also encourage me a lot if you would +1 this Blog.

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