Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clout in Council, Kelvin Now Deputy Mayor-Should We Care?

Cr Kelvin Clout's catchphrase almost got him mayoralty.
For a man who has completed his first council campaign with great results. He should be happy. But like many of us we are also worried that Cr Clout could sink Tauranga into a deeper hole. A hole of debt and misery. So the question arises, should we trust this first time counciler? Sorry counciler and Deputy Mayor! His first campaign went well with all these promises, will he deliver? Or this is just a huge lie? I have chatted to another fellow Tauranga blogger belives the council should not control Tauranga for example the CBD, Tomahawk. Kelvin says he has business experience but is that enough for a Deputy Mayor of a fast growing city? Tomahawk also says that the people should control Tauranga, not the council, just look what they have left us with. A $500 million debt.

What do you think? Should we let the council do what it's doing or should we take control of OUR city?

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