Friday, October 25, 2013

Tauranga's Mini Gold Coast?-Part 1

Papamoa is Tauranga's largest combined suburb, with 20,000 people. Projections say that Papamoa will continue to grow into the size of Napier by 2050. This growth will be boosted with the Tauranga Eastern Link. But in an article in one of Tauranga's largest newspapers, they described Papamoa becoming a Mini Gold Coast. Here is part one of the possible situations that could arise in the near future:

Situation #1-Natural Disaster
This one is quite likely to occur with Tsunami's and Earthquake's the two most likely disasters. In the 1980's a single earthquake removed a fellow neighbour from the map. That neighbour was Edgecumbe. Once a promising town now a dwindling villiage. And let's not forget about a Tsunami destroying our "Gold Coast". A tsunami is bound to occur around Pacific water's but what about Papamoa?

Situation #2-Overpopulation
Overpopulation is a growing problem in many cities throughout the world, Papamoa could be the next. Yes Papamoa will become a Mini Gold Coast however population becomes the deciding factor. In the end Papamoa reaches 30,000+ in population but will rarely go higher than that.

Situation #3-Back To a Villiage
The most obvious question, what if the sections in Papamoa East don't sell? This is actually quite unlikely as Papamoa East is attracting many buyers. Too many to be a failure or flop. You cancel this out from the main situations, however the possibility that there are no buyers is possible.

This is it for today, part 2 will be coming soon.

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