Monday, May 12, 2014

Tauranga Is NOT a HAPPY City... For Teenagers Atleast!

On May 9 this year, one.    f Tauranga's local resident's Rosalie Crawford uploaded a video. Not just any video, but a video showing the world how happy Tauranga is! It was inspired by another video showing 24 hours of dancing maniacs in Los Angeles, with the tune of Pharrel Williams's Happy. So Rosalie decided to make her own video of Tauranga. It didn't get much popularity until being discovered by the New Zealand Herald. Congratulations! The video just passed 10,000 views this morning! But Rosalie has still got only 20 subscribers.

Why Tauranga is Not a Happy City, For Modern Teenagers at Least!

Now it may look so very happy to be living in Tauranga, but when you see the debt mixed in with the rates and lack of FUN(Look at Rotorua or Hamilton), you might feel a but queezy. Why did I say for modern teenagers? Because the "Majority of Teenagers Nowadays are on Their Computer killing zombies or stealing imaginary cars. They don't WANT to go outside. Why? Think what does Tauranga dosen't have that everyone else does. There you go. 

In conclusion, I believe that Rosalie made this Tauranga is Happy video to trigger attention and hopefully get some extra views and Money! 1 million views equal roughly 2-3 thousand dollars. From Tauranga Blog, 
Good Job Rose... alie.
                                  ⇬Nobody See That Coincidence?    

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