Sunday, May 25, 2014

India Get's New Leader, What About New Zealand?

The World's Largest democracy, India, has just chosen a new Prime Minister, The
You See the Correlation between these Two Iconic Symbols of India?
Bharatiya Janata Party's Narendra Modi. As soon as the new of his success was out, Indian Stocks Rose and the recently weak Indian Rupee Strengthened. The stocks have risen by more than 17% for the year to date whilst the Indian Rupee has got inside the 60 Rupee mark for the first time since... Someone please Tell Me! If your really interested in the Indian Stock Market, aka the Sensex 30, then you can go to the Official Sensex 30 Bloomberg Page. And Here's a Website for all you Indian Rupee... Stuff. Anyway, it's pretty clear that the voting citizens of India seem to have faith(and high expectations) of their new, hopefully revolutionary leader. And with the local Elections coming up on September 20 this year, could it be the year of change for New Zealand as well?

John Key Vote Share

First let's see John Key, the current New Zealand Prime minister and his National Party's vote share. Click the Link Below For the latest Roy Morgan Research Polls.

It shows that the National Party has the same vote percentage as the opposition, that is if the Labour Party forms a coalition with the Greens. Do you think the National Party will reign once again, or the Labour Party will finally get back to power, Comment What You Think?

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