Monday, November 11, 2013

Tauranga's Mail Centre Closing

It's sad news for local post enthusiasts, Tauranga Mail Centre will be closing soon. Let's see what the local Newspaper, The Bay of Plenty Times, says and then my views on this 'shocking' announcement.

What The Bay of Plenty Times Says...
Along with Tauranga's Mail Centre, Dunedin's Mail
 Centre will also close.
On Friday, NZ Post announced up to 2000 positions nationwide would be cut over the next three years. 20 jobs at Tauranga Mail Centre will be lost in June 2014. This is largely due to technology limiting people's ways of communicating."This latest announcement will hit the regions even harder," Said the union's postal industry organiser, Joe Gallagher. Tauranga's Chapel St mail centre would move to another in the Waikato before eventually being transferred to Auckland, taking the jobs with it said Mr Gallagher. "They are already starting in Gisborne, Nelson, they are rolling through the little places first. It's going to hit pretty hard in the regions with less and less jobs and no economic stimulus," he said. "We're moving to three processing centres [Auckland, Christchurch and Palmerston North] as we made public some time ago, that involves job losses in other mail centres around the country. We will put in some processes to help people with that and we will be relocating staff to the main centres - although I realise a lot of people will not be able to do this." Said Sir Micheal Cullen.

My Views:
E-Mail has almost easily taken over
 Snail Mail in Popularity.
National is saying jobs are being created but this does not sound like jobs being created. Instead this is the exact opposite of what National is promising. What's their excuse? "We are focusing on other, more important issues." What a lie. If this countinues their are soon going to be only three or four urban area's in New Zealand, wih the rest just villages and small towns. Auckland, with it's growing population is going to soon "Steal" all our jobs. We are trying to preserve our jobs and National is not helping. At this rate our number of unemployment will rise.

What are your views on this announcement?

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