Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Injuries on The Rena

More than two years on after the Rena got stranded at Astrolabe Reef, the owners still haven't cleaned up the mess. Even worse, on the sixth of November two people got injured and taken to Tauranga Hospital. If you are thinhat the Rena and what happened to it?" then I will tell you quickly. In the morning of October 5 2011, the MV Rena got stranded in Astrolabe Reef. The Rena spilt oil onto the shores of the Bay of Plenty and even the Coromandel. The stranding became New Zealand's worst maritime disaster. Let's see what The Bay of Plenty Times' says and then me...

What The Media Says:
Two divers working on the Rena were hospitalised after serious complications at dangerously deep diving levels.
The 25-year-old New Zealander and 31-year-old Am
erican were helping prepare for the removal of the wreck's large accommodation block next month when they got into trouble in separate incidents 10 days apart.
"The Bay of Plenty Times" can reveal that on October 29, the American diver's umbilical device snagged in two separate locations while on ascent from a depth of 46m.

What I Think:
As you just found out, there have been numerous injuries relating to the salvage of the Rena. It has been two years now! Come on, you could have EASILY done it by now! But of course, these are professionals so trust them. Those are the word of either a very faithful person or a dilusioned freak! Jokes aside we should take this seriously, we have to sharpen our safery rules so the salvors can be as safe as can be.

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