Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tauranga's Political Youtube Channels

Today I have the tremendous honour(Exaggeration) of doing a post on Tauranga's own Youtube channels. About politics! The politics may bore you but the Youtube MAY revive you. After searching and searching I found only two Tauranga Youtube Channels about politics.

Murray Guy talking about politics and current events in Tauranga.
Number One-Murray Guy Tauranga NZ
Murray Guy was one of Tauranga's Councilers up until mid October this year. He has a massive 680+ videos on his channel. However the sad thing is that our friend Murray has 191 Subscribers. He certainly deserves more but, dosen't. I have one word for Murray. Dedication! Murray isn't uploading political videos(Due to being ousted in the local elections) anymore, instead he's uploading videos of Baypark Race events. If you want to support Murray Click Here. Unfortunately our next Tauranga Political Youtube Channel is worse if you count subscribers...
Murray Guy currently has 191 Subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

Number Two-Tauranga City Council
You may expect Tauranga City Council reeling in the local youtube subscribers, but that is not the case. Tauranga City Council has only one subscriber and guess who's that? Me! In total the TCC's youtube channel has 7 video's, mostly about the Waterfront's new playground. They even add comedy with a video about a boy pretendig to be Hulk playing in the playground. Despite this the Tauranga City Council's youtube channel is still political. To support Tauranga City Council Click Here.

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