Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tauranga's Population Passes 110,000

Census results are in! Well they were two weeks ago but I was busy ok? Now in all seriousness Tauranga has led Bay of Plenty's growth. But with gains in one place, there has to a drop in otger places. You can see this with Rotorua and Whakatane, the next two largest places in the Bay of Plenty respectively. Here is the stuff you might(or might not) like to know:

-In the 2006 Census Tauranga had a population of 103,881, in the 2013 Census Tauranga increased to 114,789.
-This is an increase of 10,908 or 11%.
-This equals to a 1.5% gain each year.
-The Census is usually held every 5 years but was delayed in 2011 due to the Christchurch Earthquake.
-If you look at it mathematically, Tauranga inreased 7.5% from 2006 to 2013.
-The Bay of Plenty's population is now about 277,000.
-The place with the least "gain" in the Bay of Plenty was Paengaroa, which grew a staggering 9 people from 897 to 906.
-One place has now got no one living in them, Inlet-Tauranga Harbour Omokoroa.(Election Boundaries make this a town.)
-New Zealand grew 200,000 in 7 years, therefore Tauranga contributed 1/20 of the total
population gains.
-Pyes Pa contributed the most with about 3000 people gained.

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