Sunday, December 21, 2014

EMAIL Hacker/Scammer Alert! Mr.Abdel-Elah Ahmed (

Hello and welcome again to another post on Email Hackers Alert! Here is one which claims to be from Mr.Abdel-Elah Ahmed, using the email I can quickly tell you that there is NO Abdel-Elah Ahmed from Burkina Faso. For those who don't know where Burkina Faso, I took the liberty of putting a map.

I got this from a Marxist website.
Dear Friend,

Mr.Abdel-Elah Ahmed,  I am a worker in a SECURITY COMPANY here in Burkina Faso,

I will like you to help me in receiving a box that contains the sum of $15.000.000,Fivetheen Million Dollars in your country,

This fund is deposited in the security company here in Burkina Faso register as a family treasure box and also luck with a secret CODE whereby no one can open the box except the beneficiary, this fund belongs to LATE GADDAFI and i have all information about the saving fund in a security company here in Burkina Faso Ouagadougou.

If interested contact me for more details along side with your datas such as your FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER, COUNTRY, OCUPATION AND SEX.


Thank you,

Mr.Abdel-Elah Ahmed.

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