Saturday, December 27, 2014

EMAIL Hacker/Scammer Alert! Adams Justine (

Hello and welcome again to another post on Email Hackers Alert! Here is one which claims to be from Adams Justine from the email eI love how emails STILL try to do the following classic technique.

  1. Contact a specific person.
  2. Give him/her your banking details.
  3. Steal your money!
If for some reason you hoped in step 3 you would get money, you sir are not familiar with Internet Scammers.

The email reads:

Attention beneficiary!!!
 As a matter of urgency, you are requested to contact the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK of South Africa to confirm that Mrs. Angeline Tirso is your true representative, so that SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK of South Africa will disburse the inheritance fund to the bank account which he forwarded to us and update their payment record. Below Is Her Banking Details Beneficiary Name: Angeline TirsoName Of Bank: Banco De OroAccount Number: 4370172724Swift Code : BnorphmmAccount Name : Angeline Tirso But if this Mrs Angeline Tirso is not your cousin/representative ensure you send a disclaimer notice to the executive governor of the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK of South Africa and instruct him to remit your fund to you without delay via an ATM digital card which is the most secured way to receive fund of such magnitude. Below is the departmental email address of the foreign remittance department of SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK of South Africa (SARB). Name: Mr. D Mminele (Deputy Governor​​​​)Office Address: South African Reserve Bank,57 Ntemi Piliso Street Johannesburg Postal Code: 2001Fax No: +27865493386Cell Phone No: +27789075912Email: We advise that you go ahead and contact the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK with the address above and be assured that we are monitoring all their activities as well as your correspondence at all level. If you are presently dealing with any financial institution(s) or person(s) claiming to have relevance to the payment of your overdue funds out-side the above financial institution you are warned in your own interest to stop further communication. Be informed that any delay in reaction to this letter will be assumed that Mrs Angeline Tirso is your true representative and the funds will be remitted into the nominated bank account that she has provided. The SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK will not be held responsible for any wrong transfer made due to your inability to furnish them with proper/correct informations. If you need further assistance and direction, contact us via our free domain network email address.  Yours Faithfully,Agent: Adams .J. Henry,Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Division.Cell Phone No: +447509756756United Kingdom.

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