Sunday, October 12, 2014

EMAIL Hacker Alert! Mr Anderson Stone (

Latest Hacker Alert! This one's from a 'person' named Anderson Stone that claims he was from Budapest and his the proud owner of a Mining and Exploration business in South Africa.


Mr. Anderson Stone.



 Dearest one,

 How are you and your family doing today? .My name is Mr. Anderson Stone, I live in 

London United Kingdom, but I am originally from Budapest Hungary. I am into the mining 

and exploration business with operations all over the world especially in South Africa. I 

inherited a mining license of twenty years from my father who is eighty six years old this year 
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and presently in a nursing home in London, My father is the pioneer of my mining company 

being the founder. When he retired ten years ago, I inherited his whole operation world wide 

and I managed to build up a massive investment in the South African gold mining industry.

 My license expired last December; therefore, I am no longer able to continue with my 

operations. Hence I want to diversify by investing into the real estate industry. Ms Susan 

Shabangu the former minister of mineral resources of the Republic of South Africa from 

October 2011 till 2014 has been our family business partner for a long time now. You can 

view her profile at the South African Government Website :{


 I have been in business with her ever since my father’s retirement. There is a large 

sum of money that my father and the minister both deposited into a financial Institution in 

South Africa. We request for your co-operation in establishing a real estate investment in your 

country and you shall administer this project until it is fully completed. I shall use my influence 

to transfer the fund needed to start processing this project into any of your nominated bank 

account and will immediately travel to meet with you after this fund is transferred into your 

bank account.

 I’m offering you 30% of the principal sum of the amounts that will be transferred to 

your bank account that is why I researched and found a capable person and someone who will 

sincerely assist me in this project, meanwhile I will divulge more information to you when I get 

your full consent and support to go for a change of beneficiary of this my fund into your name 

and subsequent transfer of the funds into any of your comfortable and conducive account of 

your choice.....NOTE: Documents required to transfer this fund into your yet-to-be nominated 

bank account will be obtained before transferring the fund and my banker promised to assist 

me to arrange/prepare all the documents that will be needed to transfer the fund into any of 

your nominated bank account. I will be coming over to your country to discuss on the best real 

estate investment and other profitable business options in your country after the transfer.

 Meanwhile because of the confidentiality and the sensitivity of this transaction and also 

Mrs Shabangu’s position in government, I will become the middle man in this transaction 

because she does not want to jeopardize her political ambitions. If you want to speak with my 

banker, which is okay by me, I will provide you with all his details, please I do not need to 

remind you of the need for absolute confidentiality of this transaction if we must succeed and if 

you do not feel comfortable with this transaction, do not hesitate to discontinue.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and my regards to your family.


Mr. Anderson Stone

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