Sunday, November 17, 2013

Town of The Week-Paengaroa

We have started a new series of posts, named Town of The Week. This series will tell you about towns in the Western Bay of Plenty, not the Eastern Bay of Plenty. This weeks town is small Paengaroa.

Paengaroa is a small town located near the boundary of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Paengaroa has a population of 906. Though this seems small, Paengaroa's population is rapidly growing, well at least for village standards. 831 in 2001, 897 in 2006 and 906 in 2013. Paengaroa's population is set to grow when the Tauranga Eastern Link is opened. This will not only bring growth to Paengaroa, but also the Eastern Bay of Plenty. For more information on the Tauranga Eastern Link check out this. With all this projected growth, Paengaroa might even contend with Kawerau and even Whakatane. But what about now? Don't worry a new, state of the art building. Named Comvita Experience, it has joined the Comvita Visitor Centre to attract tourists from around the globe.

With all these predictions and forecasts, Paengaroa is looking to become the Bay of Plenty's new superstar town, but the question is. Will the population do it's part?
Paengaroa's Comvita Experience will open this November.

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