Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Town of The Week-Katikati

Currently in the Western Bay of Plenty there is a dry period of news. Just like the NSW fires which were raging on and on. So we will have have to juice out all those juicy stories! All right! Let's get into this week's Town of the Week! Featuring Katikati!

Katikati is mostly known for it's murals which were originally painted in the 1990's. Katikati's population has been increasing at a modest pace after the murals were painted. Katikati looks set to be in 'boom' mode like Paengaroa but to a smaller degree. But nowadays, the current populaion trend is simple. People are leaving small towns to go to the big cities. Katikati seems to be defying according to the latest statistics. The stats say that there were 2916 citizens in 2001, 3579 in 2006 and 4059 people in 2013. Let's move on to Katkati's founding shall we?

Founding of Katikati
This photo seriously freaks me out!
In 1875, George Vesey Stewart brought a group of 238 settlers to what is now Katikati. He had decided on the location because of it's views and because it was close to Tauranga(Then a small village!). Over the next 44 years, George Vesey became the mayor of Katikati and held many other 'titles' till his death in 1920, aged 87. At least his descendants have a claim to fame.

What To Do?
Katikati's Haiku Pathway-The only Haiku pathway in the southern hemisphere and the only one outside of Japan. With thirty boulders and more planned, by the time you get there there may be fifty!
The Famous Murals-There are now 44! How amazing! So get off your bum and go to Katikati and check out the murals. Or if your lazy then Click Here.
Watchin The Whales!-Hop on a Jetty and cross your fingers and you might see a grthroup of Orca's swimming by. Besides who wouldn't want to be on a Jetty anyway?

That sums it up everyone! Keeping in mind more than half of our visitors are American, it's pretty likely no one is going to go to Katikati, unless this blog becomes an overnight success. But if you got this far, then thank you for reading. If something is wrong then why don't you message us in our new Guestbook!


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