Thursday, November 21, 2013

1 Month Anniversary!

Thank You to our Followers for
following us on Twitter
When will Tauranga Blog get
 it's own Facebook Page? You decide.
Today is Tauranga Blog's OFFICIAL 1 Month anniversary! We have come a long way from boring, all fact articles to quirky, political and sometimes dramatic opinions! But anyway I have to thank YOU. The readers, the followers, the +1'rs, likers(Once we get a Facebook Page) etc. Without you  my blog would have been a useless website floating much around the idle Blogosphere. We surged past 300 views in 18 days and 600 11 days later! Because of these successes, we have decide to do some 'Mini' press release's for our viewers. We are also thinking of a Facebook Page for our viewers! If you agree then please contact me by commenting me below, E-Mailing me here, tweeting on my page, commenting on Google+ etc. Anyway, I will continue to post, post and post to satisfy the people that are my loyal readers. Please excuse me, I am crying.(I am a man)




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